Problem Solving Facilitation Workshops

Oxford Creativity facilitate workshops to help YOU understand and solve YOUR problems, creating opportunities to make real differences to success of your business by helping map out strategic visions or tackle specific problems that you may be facing.

Facilitation workshops finding needles in haystacks.  Finding Needle in Haystack

Oxford Creativity will facilitate workshops to help YOU understand and solve YOUR problems.

These workshops give you the opportunity to make a real difference to the success of your business by helping you map out a strategic vision for your organisation or tackle a specific problem that you may be facing. They are fast, efficient and above all, effective.

We take a small group of people from your organisation and bring them together for an intensive session of facilitated creative thinking - using systematic innovation tools and techniques based on the TRIZ methodology. Our expert facilitators guide your team through understanding your situation and give you the appropriate tools to solve your problem.

The focus for the facilitated problem solving workshop can be tailored to fit your needs: we can tackle broad conceptual solutions, identifying subject areas for more detailed work, or we can focus in more detail on a specific product area, with the intention of developing a handful of practical ideas to take forward to modelling and testing.

TRIZ problem solving workshops can be used to tackle any kind of problem, including:

-        Uncover a technical problem and fix it

-        Develop and improve an existing product

-        Create the next-generation of a successful product

-        Develop a new corporate strategy

-        Improve scientific testing

-        Significantly reduce costs – without anything getting worse

-        Identify most promising areas for research!


finding the needle in the haystack the old fashioned way
finding the needle in the haystack the TRIZzy way

Using a Facilitated TRIZ Workshop helped us identify issues in 2 days that would have taken months using traditional approaches.


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